Publications 2013

Boyaud F., Viguier B., Inguimbert N.
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Preference of fish larvae for coral above algal water cues: Potential implications in the context of coral reef degradation.
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Thienopyrimidinedione formation versus ester hydrolysis from ureido carboxylic acid methyl ester.
Synthesis 2013, 45 (4), 479-491. (IF 2.4)

De Caralt S., Bry D., Bontemps N., Turon X., Uriz M.J., Banaigs B.
Sources of secondary metabolites variation in Dysidea avara (Porifera: Demospongiae): the importance of having good neighbours.
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Org. Biomol. Chem., 2013, DOI: 10.1039/C3OB27312A. (IF: 3.69)

C. Calvayrac, N. Bontemps, A. Nouga-Bissoue, S. Romdhane, C.M Coste, J.F  Cooper.
Photolysis of tembotrione and its main by-products under extreme artificial conditions :
Comparison with another β-triketone herbicide
Science of the Total Environment, 2013, 452–453, 227–232 (IF 3.28)

F. Boyaud, Z. Mahiout, C. Lenoir,  S. Tang, J. Bakala, A. Witczak, I. Bonnard, B. Banaigs, T. Ye, N. Inguimbert
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Organic  Letters, 2013, 15 (15), 3898-3901. (IF : 6.142)

Kanso H., Barthelmebs L., Inguimbert N.; Noguer T.
Immunosensors for estradiol and ethinylestradiol based on new synthetic estrogen derivatives: application to wastewater analysis
Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85 (4), 2397-2404 (IF: 5.9)

Bontemps N., Gattacceca F., Long C., Thomas O. P., and Banaigs B.
Additional cytotoxic pyridoacridine alkaloids from the ascidian Cystodytes violatinctus and biosynthetic considerations.
J. Nat. Prod., 2013, 76 (9), 1801-1805 (IF: 3.12)

C. d’Audigier, B. Gautier, Al. Yon, J-M Alili, S. Evrard, A. Godier, S. Haviari, B. Dizier , N. Inguimbert, D. Borgel, I Bieche, C Boisson-Vidal, C. Roncal , P. Carmeliet , M. Vidal , P. Gaussem  and D. M. Smadja
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Angiogenesis 2013, accepté (IF:6.18)

Xu J., Gattacceca F., Amiji MM.
Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics of EGFR-targeted thiolated Gelatin nanoparticles following systemic administration in pancreatic tumor-bearing mice.
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Lafaille F., Solassol I., Enjalbal C., Bertrand B., Doulain P.E., Bonnet P.A., Masquefa C., Bressolle FM. Structural characterization of in vitro metabolites of the new anticancer agent EAPB0503 by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 2013, in press. [IF : 2.9]